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BIM|initiative is an associate with contacts and skilled people engaged from around the globe. The right people will be drawn into the Project Team, to extend capabilities. This ecosystem really benefits  BIM projects with diverse knowledge and skillsets.  We are comfortable with engaging partners and offer the user the best solutions for your needs.  We get your team working in that collaborative, integrated way.  Discuss any and all issues,  because we're sure that you see the potential.  We want that to succeed.

I personally enjoy getting out of the office and on my feet, running & riding, some reasonable distances.  I have completed the London-Paris ride, 465km in 4 days. I run Parkrun weekly, 240 runs so far; typically 15km per week.


I really enjoy the iPhone and the camera shots from action, and distant landscapes to macro shots, super close-up.  Just like BIM at all levels of detail. 

Pierre Venter
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